Hi, I'm Paco. Always exploring & fascinated by design.

Currently a product designer at Pencil. Previously designed and shipped interaction systems for hackathons and startup businesses, recognized with multiple accolades.
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Elevating collaboration with teachers & students.

Pencil Technologies
Product, UX/UI

Driving blockchain and robotics together with gamification.

Product, UX/UI, Web3

A doll & app for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Miimi Doll & App
Product, UX/UI, Case Study
Winter 2021

A toy range for growing good habits in young children.

Product, UX, Industrial, Case Study
Summer 2020

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Motion, 3D, AR/VR, Product
What could be inside?

Hello there, traveller.

Have that random thought in your mind you’d like to share? It’d be great to listen; don’t hesitate to send me a message anytime. Let’s design a better future together.
Last Updated: May 2022