Robotics & Blockchain Platform

Product, UX/UI
At Frodobots, I designed visuals and branding for the website and am currently contributing to the main dashboard experience.
Frodobots is a startup focused on providing value to the Web3 innovation through the real world. Leveraging robotics and connecting them to the blockchain to create a system to drive and own real robots for any purpose the user wants to drive them around for.

This case study is intentionally limited due to NDA. For more information about my work, contact me.
Collaborated with another designer to develop the website at an agile speed, constrained tight deadlines.
Designed motion graphics and animations for the website.
Currently designing the main dashboard experience for the product from scratch - including design system and user flows.
UX Design, Visual, Motion Design
1 Week* (Website)
Our design mission:
Communicating the idea of Web3 intertwined with real-life robotics as the foundation.
More coming soon!
As this project is still heavily being developed, please hang on as this page will be updated later. For now, please consider checking my other work, my experiments, or learn more about me.