Developer & AppSec Information Platform

Product, UX/UI
EchoLayer provides ownership at all levels, enhancing information to different toolings. Developers with EchoLayer will always know where to get help, in critical situations.
EchoLayer focuses on incident management and information routing to help developers make the right choices. In crucial situations where code breaks, it is important to gather the right people and not waste time; EchoLayer's value is based on improving time to resolving issues and application security.

This case study is intentionally limited due to NDA. For more information about my work, please contact me.
I was the sole designer behind the rebranding of EchoLayer and its platform. The previous iteration, Codex/CODEOWNERS, was a collaboration with the Head of Product.
Collaborated with founders to develop branding, product, website, and decks to communicate EchoLayer.
Designed platform assets, from zero to one; using an agile, scrappy process to iterate constantly.
Deeply worked with developers and engineers to understand their needs in an interface, providing tooling that works with their toolset in a fluid manner.
UX Design, Visual, Motion Design, Website, E2E Design, Research

Website, Visual Design, Research,
5 months

11 months
Our design mission:
Ownership at every level. Code, service, feature, and domain.
More coming soon!
As this project is still heavily being developed, please hang on as this page will be updated later. For now, please consider checking my other work, my experiments, or learn more about me.