Developer & AppSec Information Platform

Product, UX/UI
EchoLayer streamlines incident management and information routing for developers, enhancing efficiency in resolving code issues promptly and bolstering application security.
EchoLayer focuses on incident management and information routing to help developers make the right choices. In crucial situations where code breaks, it is important to gather the right people and not waste time; EchoLayer's value is based on improving time to resolving issues and application security.

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Collaborated closely with developers to grasp their interface requirements, delivering assets with their constraints in mind.
Designed platform assets, from zero to one; using an agile, scrappy process to iterate constantly.
Sole designer evolving Codex into EchoLayer. Codex was a collaboration with the Head of Product.
Research, Branding, UX/UI Design, Prototypes, Website Development
EchoLayer: 5 months
Codex/CODEOWNERS: 11 months
Code blocks are challenging to locate when broken. Our product, a manual code annotator, enhances discoverability by imbuing info in each block.
Engineer discussions revealed the non-scalable burden of manual updates to identify code blocks costing over a staggering...
$500,000 ☜
annually in labor, and even more with larger companies.
Recognizing this opportunity, we aimed to reduce costs and deliver value:
How might we design a product with automated ownership at every level?
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