Redesign Sprint

UI Design
Spring 2022
A redesign of the Roblox Platform for mobile and web for visual excitement and experience.
Roblox's platform is a library of experiences the engage and connect — however it lacks the hierarchy to suggest and engross the user into taking a journey. How can a user interface improve this feeling of exploration and immersion to achieve this?
Conceptualization, Visual Design.
4 Days
Making the experience more fun.
Imagine a portal to a world of experiences. You're in the calm environment of your choosing, the avatar being the vessel of your controls. Roblox can take you were you want to go — all you have to do is press "Discover".
An adventure no matter where you are.
With mobile and web designs always considered, your immersion and adventure is always in your pocket. Browse, customize, and have fun to your heart's content — that's what Roblox can offer you.
Night or day, always prepared.
Dark mode offers a new way to emphasize the pop and colours of experiences and avatars. Enjoy the multitude of user-generated content with sparkling images and contrast, reeling you in for a new experience.