App Prototype Sprint

App Design
Using social facilitation to enable financial stability for friends and family.
Two interesting studies gathered from research indicate the peer pressure generates less compulsive gambling behaviour; what if we help connect financial stability with people to prevent impulse purchases? It reverses the use of peer pressure as well for consuming less rather than more.
Research, Iteration, Execution
2 Weeks
A sprint to make BudBud:
An app that tries to connect budgeting socially to assist with financial commitment and stronger fiscal responsibility.

Onboarding - Frictionless, Straightforward

With setting up social profiles, BudBud makes it easy with explanations, a simple interface for setting up a user's basic profile, and immediate entry into the main interface. Frictionless and quick.

Eases users into the system.

Adding an expense - Quick and Easy

Still retaining the quick flow of the app, BudBud immediately allows the user to get straight into budgeting; categories and adding them in allows the user to personalize their budget and goals on the get-go.

Covers the basic functionality of the budgeting aspect.

Social - Connecting to Peers

As one of the main functions in BudBud, messaging and connecting with friends was important to integrate - and you can see their achievements while connecting to their main goals.

Begins to introduce the experimental social facilitation.

Social Facilitation - Decorating and Stickerbombing

The fun part of the app - creating stickers and implementing them into friend's primary goals adds a positive encouragement and feel to the app. Everyone can send some positivity sometimes, and receive some back!

Using social facilitation in a designed, visual form to solve the user's impulsive purchasing.

Long-term progress - Progress and Achievements

Receive advice and check up on progress awards to further progress in financial stability - with enough encouragement and hard work, anything's possible!

Helps user stay motivated and work towards the next goal.